Myths and Facts About Car Insurance

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There has always been a long list of myths underlying our car insurance policies. The first thing to consider is what will be the rate of your insurance coverage, and then other factors such as what will be covered by the policy. There are online providers now that can provide quotations on the spot like the red deer auto insurance brokers, and other companies that offer not only field quotations but even online quotations.


Here are some of the myths you should stop believing:

  1. The color of your car affects your insurance rate.

This myth has been a staple in all auto insurance conversations, and even up to now it is still believed to be true. The fact is that basing rates on a car color cannot be a determinant because it is impossible for agencies to explain why a specific color yields higher possibility of claims. Seldom is there a price difference on market price according to product color. The actual determinant of your insurance rate is based on data such as the type of car, year it was manufactured, how well it can be protected by the owner and the frequency of possible claims or accidents. The color of your car does not affect your insurance rates.


  1. A car that is vandalized, stolen, or damaged by fire and snow is within the coverage of the auto insurance policy.

Coverage does not extend to any of these damages. If you have purchased a comprehensive car insurance coverage, then it will most likely be included- but the fact is that most standard car insurance policies do not include these incidents. In the same way, a collision coverage may also be purchased to protect from damages caused by collision to plants, another car and other objects. Look at the terms of reference in your car insurance policy and verify if you are covered in all kinds of disasters. It’s better to be prepared than realizing after the disaster that you can’t replace your damaged car.

  1. Brand new cars are most likely to be stolen.

With the vast changing world, technology also advances endlessly. This is why this item is a myth, statistics show that older cars released between 1999 to 2007 are more likely to be targeted by car thieves. Because new model cars now have equipped advance security systems, disabling the alarms take longer time and higher precision, making them less likely to be stolen. Thieves are targeting old models because its easily accessed.


Of course amidst all these myths, there’s one fact you should remember when purchasing your insurance policy. There are already online quoting systems by insurance companies so you don’t have to drag yourself to their office and ask for a quotation, you can compare rates right at the comfort of your home. If you are worried about the time and documents that need to be prepared prior to purchasing an insurance, these online features can help your shopping hassle-free and a lot more detailed. Cheaper rates does not mean lesser coverage, it might be because they do not spend much on advertisement hence leading to lower rates. Study your options well and be a wise insured owner.